It is not uncommon to find paraffin candles in the range of stores. They are tempted by their low price, but it is worth looking into what lies beneath. Acrolein or similar carcinogens are often used to give paraffin its shape. When they burn, they release harmful compounds into the environment that can enter our respiratory system. Soy wax candles are something else, they are 100% plant-based, made from pure soybean oil. Natural wax candles do NOT contain parabens, genetically modified substances, palm wax, petroleum, paraffin, pesticides, herbicides and toxic substances.

We should also pay attention to their wick. Most mass-produced candle manufacturers
uses wicks with lead filament, which ensures an even flame, but emits extremely dangerous substances. And in some countries there are also wicks that contain zinc, which is also harmful to our respiratory system. Between2Lungs fosters awareness and respect for the human body, which is why they only use safe cotton wicks in their natural wax candles. Our scented candles are safe for everyone: adults, children and even pregnant women.

"Between2Lungs" candles in a glass jar burn more cleanly and emit less soot, so the air in the house remains cleaner and more pleasant. Our products are luxury candles precisely because they burn longer than those made from other materials, they are natural, safe, the wax burns evenly and is easy to clean after spilling. By the way, soy wax candles melt at a lower temperature, so the risk of burns when touching the skin is lower, which can be relevant for families with children.