our story

Between2Lungs is an independent lifestyle brand that
was first born in the home workshop, when we started creating while expecting our daughter
home fragrances and aromatic candles. No feeling, step by step, for the products
becoming more popular among friends, we got a lot of encouragement to go ahead and
to establish a family business where all products are handmade. We are proud that
Between2Lungs home fragrances and soy candles are not mass produced, so we are
we do not let a single product out of our sight and we are sure that it reaches the customers fulfilled
our brand promise.
Your orders are made by all members of our family, so we fill them with the best
with your emotions and love. We have always valued aesthetics, quality fragrances and
we enjoy the comfort they create almost every day. Relaxing home fragrances,
the crackling sound of a handmade soy wax candle and the quietly burning flame became
our oasis of peace and haven of relaxation. In everyday life, which constantly demands
to be alert and ready for change, it is good to create a space where we can
to be here and now enjoying the aromas you love. That's what we want
to give to your customers.
Between2Lungs decorative candles and home fragrances are all about love and harmony
birthing creations that will envelop your spaces with pleasant aromas and peace that
in a fast-paced world, there is never too much.